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Fuerteventura late deals are available from all major tour operators and also right here !
There is no big secret about the best ways to get a bargain holiday. The first rule is that the person sitting next to you on the plane or the ones you meet at the hotel bar will have paid less than you ! So how do you stand the best chance of being the one who booked the cheapest deal ? Here’s a few tips :

- If you like the sound of a deal the chances are someone else so get it booked up before someone else does. Especially with late deals, seats and hotels are very limited. In addition the “lates” period (from eight weeks before departure until the day of departure) is the most closely monitored by tour operators and if they see bookings coming in they often try and raise the prices back up.

- Shop around!. Here are the best places to look – if you check all these you will have covered every option (links will open in a new window) Thomson.co.ukFirstChoice.co.ukSunshine.co.ukThomasCook.comlastminute.comlowcostholidays.com

- Chances are you will have to compromise somewhere along the line. This might mean taking a hotel a bit out of the way, a flight from an airport not close to your home or with undesirable flight times. Have a think about what is most important to you and stick by that.

- The biggest single factor is the date of travel. Travel in peak times and you will pay more. Peak times for travel to Fuerteventura / Jandia are always Christmas & New Year, Easter, and all school holidays especially the Feb and October half term holidays. Luckily some Fuerteventura flights are on Wednesdays so that is not optimal for the one week school holidays, expect the Saturday flights to get up very fast though. In terms of when to book, you can search for a late deal to Fuerteventura flying February 2019 , March 2019 or April 2019. It’s probably a bit early for decent Fuerteventura late deals for May 2019 but there it’s free to search online so does no harm if you have got time.

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