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Going AI (All Inclusive) in Fuerteventura is one way people are trying to lock down the cost of their holiday before they even leave the UK. All Inclusive holidays in Fuerteventura are also popular because of the convenience of having meals, snacks, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks included. That means no worries about having to figure out what everything costs, and no having to dish out money to the kids for them to get soft drinks the whole time. Based on sales so far, All Inclusive holidays to Fuerteventura are just as popular in for 2020 as they have been for 2019.

Our Highest Rated All Inclusive Hotels in Jandia are The Barcelo Jandia Mar & The Hotel Club Jandia Princess both available through Sunshine.co.uk & FirstChoice.co.uk

One of the potential drawbacks of an all inclusive holiday is that once at the hotel you are inclined to stick there since going outside means shelling out for more meals and drinks which you have effectively already for back at base! Some all inclusive hotels will provide a packed lunch on request for guests that are going out for the day. Of course it’s not all about food and drink. There is also organised entertainment at all inclusive hotels as well as sports facilities and at the best hotels you’ll get water sports thrown in. Excellent for active families and couples alike.

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